Live Dates 3 - Credits

Recorded on Peakson Mobile.
Mixing engineers - Philippe Omnès and Daniel Gautier
Mixed at Studio Line, Boulogne Billancourt.
Mastered by Nick Webb of Abbey Road Studios, London.
Live sound by Pete Knuutinen.

Cover Design: Bénédicte DeLuze

Special thanks: Guy Roberts, Michel Sady and family, Serge Lechevalier, Francois Guyonnet, Jamie Crompton at Fender, Chris Archer, Vincent, Patrick and Arnaud at Le Plan, JR, Leon Tsilis, Carol Farnworth

Produced by Daniel Gautier, Chafi and Andy Powell
Executive Production and concept - Christian Guyonnet
Engineered by Philippe Omnès
Assistant Engineer - Manu Manch

Recorded at le Plan, Ris Orangis - Paris France on October 22nd 1999


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Apr, 2001