Trance Visionary - Credits

Produced by Mike Bennett

Tacye appears courtesy of Radikal / BMG America

Associate producers for the X-ERT Sound System:
Angus Wallace, Warren Bassett, Tacye and Mark Phillips

Trance Visionary was recorded and mixed at Far Heath Studio, Northamptonshire.

Mastered by Dennis Blackham for Country Masters, Frimley.

Design & Artwork by Delaney Goss Design Associates, Esher, Surrey. Cover Illustration by Vincent Lewis.

Special thanks to: Simon Platz, Ray McCarville, Ian Rowe and all at Pinnacle, Tony Eyers, Will Kevans, Bunker Productions, Lisa and Amanda at Bucks Music, Resistance Quad, Charles Kennedy, Jon Sheperd and all at Invisible Hands Music, Andy Cowan-Martin, Sean Maher, and Marcel Costa.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 1998