No Smoke Without Fire - Comments

About LP MCG 3528:

Lyrics included in sleeve.
"THE WAY OF THE WORLD" is divided in Part 1 and Part 2 on the sticker in the center of the record
"Graffiti" around the sticker of the LP:
Side 1: "GOLD            KEV RAFE KAREN"
Side 2: "KEV RAFE NINA            SORRY!"

The bonus single: (PSR 431)
Side A: COME IN FROM THE RAIN Recorded Live at Sheffield City Hall 18.10.77
Side B: LORELEI Recorded Live at Glasgow Apollo 19.11.76


No Smoke Without Fire - Personal View

The back cover is interesting. Four close-up pictures of the band members. Looks like Steveís mouth and beard, Andyís glasses, Laurieís curly hair and Martinís ear. I think I bought this as a Christmas present for myself (purchase date marked: 1 DEC 1978). A happy Christmas indeed.

You See Red

One Finnish reporter criticized Steveís drumming in this song. Iíve lost the magazine where the text originally was, but Iíll quote it shortly as well as I can remember: "not enough force and drive in the drummer." I think the reporter was more inclined to the new wave music that was popular in 1978. Iíve always thought the criticism was unfair. "The guy has never heard any other Wishbone Ash album. Whatís the problem? Steveís drumming has more drive than any of the young drummers in the new wave groups. Maybe Steveís 'thumping' isnít as heavy, but itís more tasty!" Iím sure glad Steve didnít see that article.

Very nice three voice harmony-vocals and a "chauvinistic" story with some dramatic guitar work..

Baby The Angels Are Here

Quite many double lead solos that fit perfectly to Martinís melody. The long solo in the end (by Andy?) has a weird sound, but it fits the mood perfectly too.

Ships In The Sky

A peaceful melody with Laurie singing the lead and all three voices joining in the chorus. If the song before had some nice guitar work, hereís some more and softer too. What a way to ease your mind

Stand And Deliver

More male chauvinism or is it a story of werewolves or vampires? Aggressive double lead solos all through the song and a very effective solo in the middle starting with "tip toeing" guitar sounds. Martin proves that his voice is very flexible.

Anger In Harmony

Is the title a definition of Wishbone Ashís more aggressive double lead solos? It would suit my ear very well. The change of the pace before the guitar battle starts is something that I wait for. Then I sit back and listen to the guitars "discussing".

Like A Child

A dramatic start with a guitar solo! The song in itself more peaceful than whatís expected after the starting solo. Not a typical Wishbone Ash song; I canít find a double lead solo anywhere. Thereís always one lead guitar and some rhythm guitars ('though sometimes they "jingle" melodically). Well, why should everything have the same mould?

The Way Of The World

Is it to honor the reappearance of their first producer that Wishbone Ash returns to a concept that familiar from at least two songs in the Argus album? The concept is: thereís a more quiet first part with a melody (lyrics) and a second part with a wild "guitar party". Argusís Time Was and Sometime World had a similar concept. The use of a tried concept does not diminish this song or even the later songs using the idea (Lifeline, Hole In My Heart ...). I do have to admit I like this song and every time I hear it I think it should be high on my personal top ten.

About the songs on the extra single:

Come In From The Rain (live)

If Iím right this single promotes Wishbone Ashís other albums. One song is from the album New England and another from Front Page News. Not a bad way to awake some more interest to Wishbone Ashís music.

Lorelei (live)

Both songs on the single have Laurie as the main soloist. Why not use another song with mostly Andyís solos? This comment doesnít mean Lorelei is a bad song. Laurieís solos are good too, but when promoting Wishbone Ash, a criteria could have been presenting both lead guitarists.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2004