New England - Cover Art

See scans of a 4 page promo booklet.

Cover design & photos by Hipgnosis

German CD MCD 02238
[New England cover art]
USA LP SD 18200
[New England cover art 2]
CAN LP SD 18200 (yes, same cat# as in the US printing)
[New England cover art 3]
Note that in the US and Canadian LPs "NEW ENGLAND" is written in green/blue just below the band name.
Also: There's an extra small figure in the background.
US and Canadian cover art courtesy of Stian Brekke.
See his web page here:


Japanese promo CD MCA UICY94492, 2010
[New England promo copy]


Samples of Inside Fold Out Text Variations

UK LP MCG 3523 (Most common variation on other releases too)
[New England Fould Out Detail 1]
USA LP SD 18200
[New England Fould Out Detail 2]
GER LP 6.22903
[New England Fould Out Detail 3]
GER LP 62.058
[New England Fould Out Detail 4]
Inside fold out text variations inspired by Stian Brekke.
See his web page here:
Personal Comment:
Hipgnosis is great on creating cover art,
but here they couldn't solve the problem of
adding text on "noisy" background.

Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 2013