New England - Cover Art

See scans of a 4 page promo booklet.

Cover design & photos by Hipgnosis

German CD MCD 02238
[New England cover art]
USA LP SD 18200
[New England cover art 2]
CAN LP SD 18200 (yes, same cat# as in the US printing)
[New England cover art 3]
Note that in the US and Canadian LPs "NEW ENGLAND" is written in green/blue just below the band name.
Also: There's an extra small figure in the background.
US and Canadian cover art courtesy of Stian Brekke.
See his web page here:
[New England cover art, MOCCD13451]
The Dutch CD release uses the US/Canadian LP cover art with the extra small figure in the background,
but the band name and album title is like in other European and Japanese releases.


Japanese promo CD MCA UICY94492, 2010
[New England promo copy]


Samples of Inside Fold Out Text Variations

UK LP MCG 3523 (Most common variation on other releases too)
[New England Fould Out Detail 1]
USA LP SD 18200
[New England Fould Out Detail 2]
GER LP 6.22903
[New England Fould Out Detail 3]
GER LP 62.058
[New England Fould Out Detail 4]
[New England cover art, MOCCD13451, detail]
The Dutch CD release is similar to the US LP release when it comes to choice of font, but
it seems a "clean" photo, without the text, was not available. So someone used
"Photoshopping" to remove the original text and replaced the original text with new red text.
<rolling eyes>
How do I know it's "Photoshopped"? Look at the branches around the opening
behind the red text. They've been reworked on to hide the original text.
Inside fold out text variations inspired by Stian Brekke.
See his web page here:
Personal Comment:
Hipgnosis is great on creating cover art,
but here they couldn't solve the problem of
adding text on "noisy" background.

Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Nov, 2017