Locked In- Cover Art

Cover art by Chris Corey

UK LP MCF 2750 German CD REP-4557-WY
[Locked In cover art 2] [Locked In cover art 1]
JPN CD UICY90085, 2001 JPN SHMCD UICY94491, 2010
[Locked In cover art 3]
The white "side obi" is on all releases.
The black "wrap around obi" on promo releases only.
[Locked In cover art 4]
The black obi is a "side obi" on this release.
Thank you Ben Reinhardt!


Comparing catalogue numbers on sleeve's back side of certain German LP printings.
MAPS 8354 / 6.22467 AS
MAPS 8354 (/ 6.22467 AS)
=> MCA 2185 / 6.22467 AO
MCA 2185 / 6.22467 AO
[Locked In MAPS 8354] [Locked In MAPS 8354 - MCA 2185] [Locked In MCA 2185]
Note that colours of the rightmost picture are slightly lighter than the two others. It's not a scanning error.
The rightmost cover is slightly lighter in real life too.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Aug, 2016