Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash - Argus Through the Looking Glass - Tracks

A remake of Wishbone Ash's classic album from 1972.
This recording released in 2008.

Song Time Other
Time Was 9:59  
Sometime World 7:43  
The King Will Come 6:40  
Leaf And Stream 4:16  
Warrior 5:57  
Throw Down The Sword 5:54  
Blowin' Free 5:24  


Recorded at Liscombe Park studios 2007-2008


Martin Turner bass and lead vocals
Ray Hatfield acoustic & lead guitar and vocals
Rob Hewins drums & percussion and vocals
Danny Willson lead guitar and vocals
Keith Buck lead guitar and vocals

with special guests:
John Wetton harmony vocals
Geoff Downes hammond organ


All composition written by
Martin Turner > Steve Upton > Ted Turner > Andy Powell


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Oct, 2008