Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash - Argus Through the Looking Glass - Credits



Produced and mixed by Martin Turner

Co-produced and engineered by Steve Rispin

Recorded at Liscombe Park studios (2007-2008 Bucks - England - UK)

Mixed at Tall Timbers studios (2008 Surrey - England UK)

Management Martin Darvill (qedg management)

Booking agent Don McKay (Rhino agency)

Public relations Roland Hyams (Work Hard P.R.)

Web administrator Gary Carter (
Web site technician Dave Patrick
(for all official information and merchandising visit web site)

Portrait photography Michael Inns
Concert photography Howard Johnston (thisimaje DSP)
Concert photography Alan Perry (

The "Argus" album title Steve Upton

Original "Argus" album artwork Storm Thorgerson & Po Powell
(Hipgnosis © 1972 reproduced under license with kind permission)

New "Argus > T.T.L.G." album artwork Howard Johnston
(G3 Ghostmojo graphics group © 2008)


Susie > Tom & Melody Turner / Nigel Greening
Andrew Greening / Louise & Samantha Carter
Marion Darwill / Claire > Holly & Adam Hatfield
Amanda Richards / Emma Burns / Lacey Ireland
Cambell Devine / Valentina Pianezzi (qedg)
Mick Howlett (concert sound engineer) / Billy Auld
Ashley Styles / Jeannette Murphy / Dave Summers
Chris Notton / Duncan Keith (the guitar workshop)
John & Julie Haynes (electric landlady) / Nick Lyne
Win de Vos / Sarah Turchin / Pat (Gemini studio)
Dennis Taylor / Tony Clark / Blake & Erica Devitt
Enid > Harry & Adam Johnston / Jens Hill (legal)
Matt Syson / John Fisher / Maurice Douglas
Dave Wagstaffe / Laureen Large (R.I.P.)


Steve Upton > Ted Turner > Andy Powell > Laurie Wisefield

Disc & packaging manufactured in England by clear sound & vision (


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Oct, 2008