Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash - New Live Dates - Volume Two - Tracks

Released 2007.

Song Time Other
Silver Shoes 06:16 (W)
Cosmic Jazz 03:50 (M)
Diamond Jack 04:58 (W)
Master of Disguise 04:58 (A)
F*U*B*B 09:20 (W)
Come in from the Rain 05:13 (M)
Living Proof 05:46 (H)
Blowin' Free 06:47 (P)
Why Don't We (T) 10:06 (T)
Jail Bait (T) 08:36 (P)
Say Goodbye (S) 04:25 (L)


Recorded live during:
The 2006 UK tour at various venues (February 2006)
Studio Tracks (S) Liscombe park studios (October 2005)


Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash are:
    Martin Turner bass & lead vocals
    Keith Buck lead guitar & harmony vocals
    Ray Hatfield lead & acoustic guitars & harmony vocals
    Rob Hewins drums & percussion & harmony vocals

with special guest appearance by:
    Ted Turner lead & lap steel guitars & lead vocals (T)


    (P) by Turner, Upton, Turner, Powell
    (W) by Turner, Upton, Wisefield, Powell
    (H) by Laurie Wisefield and Claire Hamill
    (L) by Laurie Wisefield and Martin Turner
    (M) by Martin Turner
    (A) by Andy Powell
    (T) by Ted Turner


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Nov, 2007