The Best - Gold Collection - Poland - Tracks

Two "Poland only" CDs
One version (The Best) of this CD found in a Polish music web site in September 2000. No release date information available.
Another version (Gold Collection - The Best) with the text "NOT FOR SALE OUTSIDE POLAND" bought in UK...

Possibly pirate copies.

The following track list applies both to the CD entitled "The Best" and the CD entitled "Gold Collection".

Song Time From/Other
Phoenix   Wishbone Ash
Blind Eye   Wishbone Ash
Errors Of My Way   Wishbone Ash
Vas Dis   Pilgrimage
Lullaby   Pilgrimage
Where Were You Tomorrow   Pilgrimage
So Many Things To Say   Wishbone Four
Ballad Of The Beacom
(that's the way it's written!)
  Wishbone Four
Sorrel   Wishbone Four
Baby What You Want Me To Do   Live Dates
Handy   Wishbone Ash

No songs from Argus!


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Nov, 2002