Outward Bound - Tracks

A German compilation released in 1998.

Song Time From/Other
Blowin' Free   Argus
Sometime World   Argus
Blind Eye   Wishbone Ash
The Pilgrim   Pilgrimage
Front Page News   Front Page News
Goodbye Baby, Hello Friend   Front Page News
Midnight Dancer   Front Page News
Runaway   New England
Outward Bound   New England
Lonely Island   New England
Jail Bail (that's the way it's written!)   Pilgrimage
Alone   Pilgrimage
Silver Shoes   There's the Rub
Don't Come Back   There's the Rub
No Easy Road   Wishbone Four

Mastering: jochen hinsch audio mastering.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 1998