Best of Wishbone Ash - MCA - Tracks

Released in 1997.

Song Time From/Other
Blind Eye   Wishbone Ash
Phoenix   Wishbone Ash
The Pilgrim   Pilgrimage
Lorelei   *
Sometime World   Argus (remixed)
Warrior   Argus (remixed)
Throw Down The Sword   Argus (remixed)
Persephone   There's the Rub
F*U*B*B   There's the Rub
Blowin' Free   #
Living Proof   Just Testing

All "Argus" song remixes by Martin Turner, 1989.

* = Previously unreleased live version. Liverpool England, 1976.
# = Previously unreleased acoustic version. Recorded March 1997.
Band on this track (instigated by an anonymous Greek fan):
    Andy Powell on guitar and vocals
    Roger Filgate on guitar and vocals
    Tony Kishman on bass and lead vocals
    A.J. Powell on drums
Track recorded in US and the drummer back then, Ray Weston, was not available.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Mar, 2013