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Suspicious Russian Releases

This isn't even close to a definitive catalog, but some examples of Russian releases missing any sort of licensing info, i.e. most likely pirate copies.

Wishbone Ash / There's the Rub Pilgrimage / Locked In
[Wishbone Ash / There's the Rub cover art] [Pilgrimage / Locked In cover art ]
Argus / Live from Memphis Wishbone Four / New England
[Argus / Live from Memphis cover art] [Wishbone Four / New England cover art ]
Front Page News / Just Testing Front Page News / Locked In
[Front Page News / Just Testing cover art] [FPN-LI cover art ]
Wishbone Four
[Wishbone Four cover art ]

Then there's the pirate copies of Japanese replica CDs (miniature LPs).
Too many to mention, but think twice if someone is selling a rare CD worth tens of Euros/Pounds/Dollars for a tuppence. The profits may go to people not worth mentioning here, not the artists.




Written by: Rainer Frilund
Last update: Apr, 2015