Lost Cause in Paradise Pirate - Cover Art


Pirate copies of official album "Live In Chicago". The band gets no royalties from pirate copies, so support only legal versions!

"Portuguese" printing IMC Music LTD GLD-63253, 2007
(With license info referring to a Dutch company: bcd@cddirect.nl)
[lost_cause_portugal_nl.jpg] [lost_cause_portugal_nl_booklet]
Front cover Back cover of the booklet
"Portuguese" printing IMC Music MPG 74073, 2002
[lost_cause_portugal.jpg] [lost_cause_portugal_booklet]
Front cover Back cover of the booklet
UK printing YEAAH36, 2001
[lost_cause_pirate_uk.jpg] [lost_cause_pirate_uk_booklet]
Front cover picture courtesy of David Richardson. Back cover of the booklet with a photo of Andy & Laurie(!)...

Webmaster's comments:
All printings have a short band history (similar!), but, as usual, no info on the CD's source, gig date & place, band members playing on the CD etc.
The booklets of 2001 and 2002 printings only contain photos from the early 70's [young Ted, Andy, Martin(!) and Steve(!)].


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Nov, 2007