Keeper of the Light Download-only Pirate Album - Info


Downloadable pirate copy of official album "Live In Geneva".
The band gets no royalties from pirate copies, so support only legal versions!

As on other "Live In Geneva" pirates, this one also displays real "inside knowledge" of Wishbone Ash songs:
Strange Affair is called "Must Be Mad",
In the Skin is called "Rock Heroes" and
Sometime World is called "Some Time".


Carinco AG / The Orchard. Released 29-Nov-2006.

Available at (Valid at least in April, 2009):
Can't recommend bying this. That's why the links are pure text...

October 2009 update:
This one's also available at Spotify.
The track lengths differ somewhat from the CD release:

Track Length on CD Length on download sites
In the Skin a.k.a. "Rock Heroes" 6:11 5:46
Hard Times 5:04 5:21
Keeper Of The Light 4:25 4:16

On the CD release, at the end of In the Skin, Andy presents Hard Times, calling it "recession rock". This announcement is transferred to the beginning of Hard Times in the download-only version.
The difference between versions of Keeper of the Light is that a few seconds of silence at the end of the track has been edited out from the download-only version.  
This "investigation" was inspired by Max Jackson.



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Oct, 2009