Wishbone Ash - The Album: Bootleg and Pirate Copy - Tracks


A 2 CD combining bootleg and pirate copy tracks. 1st CD consists mostly of the common "Liverpool bootleg". The rest are pirated from at least three sources.

Song Time From
1 Helpless
2 Runaway
3 Warrior
4 Lorelei
5 Persephone
6 (In All My Dreams) You Rescue Me
7 Outward Bound
8 Mother of Pearl
9 Rest in Peace
10 Time was...
11 Bad Weather Blues
12 Love's an Inigma (That's how it's written!)
13 Vas Dis
  "Liverpool Bootleg"
"Liverpool Bootleg"
"Liverpool Bootleg"
"Liverpool Bootleg"
"Liverpool Bootleg"
"Liverpool Bootleg";
"Liverpool Bootleg"
"Liverpool Bootleg"
"Liverpool Bootleg"
"Liverpool Bootleg"
"Liverpool Bootleg"
Source: Unknown live recording
Live in Geneva
1 The King Will Come
2 Strange Affair
3 Standing in the Rain
4 Lost Cause in Paradise
5 Keeper of the Light
6 Throw Down the Sword
7 Hard Times
8 The Living Proof
9 Must be Mad (Actually: Strange Affair)
10 Rock Heroes (Actually: In the Skin)
11 Blind Eye (Actually a Medley)
12 Sometime World
13 Blowin' Free
  Live in Chicago
Live in Chicago
Live in Chicago
Live in Chicago
Live in Chicago
Live in Chicago
Live in Chicago
Live in Chicago
Live in Geneva
Live in Geneva
Live in Geneva
Live in Geneva
Live in Chicago


A Quriosity:
CD text on all tracks, but all it says is: "Audiospur", which is an audio editing / CD ripping software. A bit sloppy job leaving software tool's name when mastering a CD.   :)


Other Bootleg CDs using the same Bootleg source material (CD1):
Wishbone Ash - Live - 2008 German Bootleg CD
       EuroTrend (MCP Sound & Media).
       EAN: 9002986424826. Released 31.01.2008.
       Info of this printing: Jos van Acker.
Wishbone Ash - Live - Polish Bootleg and Pirate CD
       Starling, Starling S. A. CD 021, Poland Year?
Wishbone Ash - Live (2001 German Release)
       Flashlight, Flash 170, Germany 2001?
Twin Axe Warriors
       SONOTEC-Media, Poptoones PTS 1025306, Germany 2000
Wishbone Ash (Live),
       FNM, 3713, Hamburg, Germany 2001?
Millenium Collection Bootleg and Pirate 2CD
       Digimode Entertainment Ltd., 20.4038-MI, Holland/Germany? 1999
Wishbone Ash in Concert Bootleg and Pirate 2CD
       ??, GP 2044, Made in E.C. 1999
Wishbone Ash Rock Series
       ??, PCD 1066, Japan 1998
Wishbone Ash - Their Greatest Hits
       Going for a Song, GFS 106, Germany? 1998
Jimi Hendrix/Wishbone Ash
       MasterTone CP-6104, Japan 1996
LIVE - Mother of Pearl
       MasterTone, 1621.1027-2, Germany? 1995
       MasterTone (Multimedia ltd., London, UK) CD 10072, 1995
       (Information concerning CD 10072 courtesy of Jos van Acker)
       Culture Press Records, CP 1002, Germany 1997.
       (Information concerning CP 1002 courtesy of Wolfgang Schmidt)
       Arena Records, 1135-102, Germany 2003?
       Selected Sound Carrier AG, 1621.1027-2, Germany 1994
       Selected Sound Carrier AG, 1821.1027-2, Germany 1994?
Wishbone Ash Live,
       WZ 90115, Country? 1993
Live Vol. 1
       Imtrat music, IMM 40.95001, Germany 1993
Sources of "Liverpool Bootleg" tracks
Liverpool Empire 17-Nov-1976 (Mixing desk recording)
Helpless which is from Hammersmith 2-Feb-1980 (BBC)
Line-up on "Liverpool Bootleg" tracks
Andy Powell, Steve Upton, Martin Turner and Laurie Wisefield



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Apr, 2015