Wishbone Ash Live - Dave Cash Collections, Parts 1 & 2 - Download-only Bootleg/Pirate Album - Tracks

Two part Download-only Bootleg/Pirate Album.
The bootleg's source is the Liverpool Bootleg and the pirate copy's source is Live in Geneva.
The tracks are shuffled to make it hard to recognize what the sources are.
There's also some redundancy between the parts (and within part too).

 Part 1
Song Time Source
 (In All My Dreams) You Rescue Me   (1)
 Bad Weather Blues   (1)
 Blowin' Free   (2)
 Hard Times   (2)
 Helpless   (1)
 In All My Dreams You Rescue Me   (1)
 In the Skin   (2)
 Keeper of the Light   (2)
 Lorelei   (1)
 Medley: Blind Eye / Lady Whiskey / Jail Bait / Phoenix / The Pilgrim   (2)
 Mother of Pearl   (1)
 Part 2
Song Time Source
 Medley: Blind Eye / Lady Whiskey / Jail Bait / Phoenix / The Pilgrim   (2)
 Mother Of Pearl   (1)
 Outward Bound   (2)
 Persephone   (1)
 Rest in Peace   (1)
 Runaway   (2)
 Sometime World   (2)
 Strange Affair   (2)
 The King Will Come   (2)
 Warrior   (1)
 Vas Dis   (2)
 Time Was   (1)

(1) Liverpool Empire 17-Nov-1976 (Mixing desk recording),
     Helpless which is from Hammersmith 2-Feb-1980 (BBC)
(2) Live in Geneva Pirate Copy



On Liverpool Bootleg:
Andy Powell, Steve Upton, Martin Turner and Laurie Wisefield
On Live in Geneva pirate copy:
Andy Powell, Roger Filgate, Tony Kishman and Mike Sturgis



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: May, 2011