Wishbone Ash - Download-only "Liverpool Bootleg" Album - Tracks


Same tracks as on other "Liverpool" bootlegs, but the tracks are shuffled to make it hard to recognize what the source is.

Song Time Other
 Outward Bound    
 Mother Of Pearl    
 Bad Weather Blues    
 (In All My Dreams) You Rescue Me    
 Rest In Peace    
 Time Was    

All info courtesy of "spider".


Legend World Music OMP (One Media Publishing). Released 29-Mar-2010.
Available (at least) at:
Valid when this was written, however can't recommend bying this. That's why the link is pure text...
Liverpool Empire 17-Nov-1976 (Mixing desk recording)
Helpless which is from Hammersmith 2-Feb-1980 (BBC)

Andy Powell, Steve Upton, Martin Turner and Laurie Wisefield

Ratings (for similar Bootleg CDs)
Excellent, 3/3 (= CD quality)



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2010