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Same tracks as on other "Liverpool" bootlegs, but the tracks are shuffled to make it hard to recognize what the source is.

Song Time Other
 Helpless 3:41   
 Time Was 7:04   
 Bad Weather Blues 7:15   
 Runaway 3:16   
 Warrior 6:13   
 Lorelei 6:08   
 Persephone 3:45   
 You Rescue Me 6:53   
 Out Ward Bound (That's how it's written) 3:47   
 Mother Of Pearl 5:30   
 Rest In Peace 6:29   


Carinco AG / The Orchard. Released 24-Feb-2006.
Available at:
Valid when this was written, however can't recommend bying this. That's why the link is pure text...
Liverpool Empire 17-Nov-1976 (Mixing desk recording)
Helpless which is from Hammersmith 2-Feb-1980 (BBC)

Andy Powell, Steve Upton, Martin Turner and Laurie Wisefield

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Excellent, 3/3 (= CD quality)



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