Reunion Live 91 - Blowin' Free Bootleg - Tracks


Song Other
Strange Affair  
The King Will Come  
Lost Cause in Paradise     (spelled Lost Caurse in Paradise)
Throw Down the Sword  
Standing in the Rain  
Blowin' Free  
Hard Times  
Jail Bait  


?, WBA 01, Japan 1991
Kawasaki, Club Citta 21-May-1991. FM Broadcast
Andy Powell, Ray Weston, Martin Turner (spelled Marin Turner) and Ted Turner.
(Drummer info correction courtesy of Jon Hahn.)

CD Ratings
Excellent, Excellent, 3/3 (= CD quality), Four stars (out of max five)
Steve & Laurie on the cover pic although they're not in the line-up when this was recorded.


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