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Song Other
 Vas Dis (McDuff) Copyright Control
 Phoenix (Powell/Turner/Upton/Turner) Miles Music
 Where Were You Tomorrow (Powell/Turner/Upton/Turner) Miles Music
 Blowin' Free (Powell/Turner/Upton/Turner) Miles Music
 Leaf And Stream (Powell/Turner/Upton/Turner) Miles Music
 The King Has Come
 (That's how it's written!)
 (unknown) copyright control
 Lost Cause In Paradise (Turner) Bugle Songs Ltd
 Standing In The Rain (Turner) Bugle Songs Ltd
 This Strange Affair
 (That's how it's written!)
 (Pyle/Powell) PRM Pub/Bugle Songs Ltd
 Throw Down The Sword (Powell/Turner/Upton/Turner) Miles Music
 Time Was (Powell/Turner/Upton/Turner) Miles Music
 Wings Of Desire (Powell/Lynton) Bugle Songs Ltd
 In The Skin (Turner/Powell) Bugle Songs Ltd

"Produced by Mark Bennett"


Rialto Records (marketed by 'Trojan Records') RMCD 224, UK?, 1997

Information by Tsutomu Kubota and Wolfgang Schmidt:
Most of the songs same as on legal Live-Timeline CD (see year 1997 among legal releases). Only "Why Don't We" and "Living Proof" is missing.
Two additional songs not available on Live-Timeline:
"Phoenix" (probably from 11/70 BBC sessions according to Wolfgang Schmidt and Hiroya Mizushima) and "Leaf and Stream" (source unknown).

Andy Powell, Ray Weston, Martin Turner and Ted Turner
(although Steve Upton and Laurie Wisefield on cover).

Very good.

Liner notes (by "Alex Ogg")
Wishbone Ash were formed in the late 60's from an amalgamation of underachieving south coast bands. Martin Turner (bass/vocals) and Glen Turner (guitar) were members of Torquay group the Empty Vessels. Joined by Steve Upton (drums), formerly of the Scimitars, the trio moved to London and took the name Tanglewood. At this stage Glen Turner left the fold to be replaced confusingly, by another Turner - Ted. He had previously been based in Birmingham as a member of King Biscuit. The line-up for Wishbone Ash was completed when this trio were augmented by guitarist Andy Powell of the Sugarband. Taking the name Wishbone Ash, they began to build a following on the UK college circuit, spending nine months on the road before the release of their eponymous debut for MCA in 1970.
The group took blues-based rock as its starting point, looking to the AlIman Brothers in the US and the Yardbirds in the UK for their principal influences. Although they never truly replicated the success or the impact of those bands, there was much to admire in the twin guitar interplay of Powell (with his then-distinctive Flying V guitar) and Ted Turner. As a result they never achieved any success in the Singles chart, but their albums sold well in an early 70's market more receptive to complex lyrical themes and musicianship than today's. By far their biggest seller in the UK was "Argus", released in 1972, which reached number 3 in the charts. It has been cited by some as "the definitive album of the decade" for UK hard rock fans. Although modern consumers may balk at titles such as "The King Will Come" and "Throw Down The Sword", there was plenty to admire in the roots-rock boogie of Blowin' Free". All three tracks are included here.
The group's first phase ended in 1974 with the defection of Ted Turner, who was replaced by former Home guitarist Laurie Wisefield. By this time Wishbone Ash had proved so successful that they moved to the US to become tax exiles. However, as the 70's progressed they became victims of punk's year zero revolution, with their grandiose themes seeming contrived and awkward in comparison. (the 'punk effect' was ironic given that in the 60's the group were managed by Miles Copeland - very much a playmaker in the punk boom). With a lessening of sales, founding member Martin Turner departed in 1980 to be replaced by John Wetton, ex-Uriah Heep and Roxy Music. The group was then augmented by the addition of Claire Hammill and Trevor Bolder. However, after a single album this line up fractured with Mervin Spencer (ex Trapeze) replacing Bolder. By 1978 they were a quartet once more, but by now interest in their music was (a little unjustly) the preserve of a small band of dedicated enthusiasts. However, they continue to tour and record, principally in the US.

Information concerning this bootleg courtesy of Andy Garcarz.
Additional information courtesy of Wolfgang Schmidt and Tsutomu Kubota, assisted by Hiroya Mizushima.


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