Reunion Reminiscences Bootleg - Tracks


Song Other
 Tangible Evidence 
 In the Skin 
 The Pilgrim 
 Throw Down the Sword 
 Real Guitars Have Wings 
 Jail Bait 
 Something's Happening in Room 602 
 Living Proof 
 I'm Rollin' (acoustic) 
 Strange Affair  GLR 13-May-1992
 Throw Down the Sword
 Wings of Desire


Soundman, Germany 1994

Two different 1988 live concerts and a three song acoustic set performed in Greater London Radio (GLR) in 13-May-1992.

Andy Powell, Steve Upton, Martin Turner and Ted Turner
(on GLR set: Andy Powell, Ted Turner, Alan Darby, Brad Lang and Ray Weston).

Excellent audience recording

Only 13 copies made (according to USASH #11&12), so it seems this is a bootleg without any huge profits in mind. Made by "Monstie".


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 2008