Lady Whiskey Bootleg - Tracks


Song Other
 Lady Whiskey Total time: 50 min
 Kicks on the streets  
 Number the Brave  


Great Live Records 9236, Germany 1992
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Playing Free
       Hallmark HM009CD 1992
Bootleg CD Sources
London Hammersmith Odeon 02-Jun-1981. FM Broadcast from BBC Rock Hour disc
Bootleg CD Line-up
Andy Powell, Steve Upton, Laurie Wisefield and Trevor Bolder
Bootleg CD Ratings
Excellent, Excellent, 1/3 (= cassette quality)
Remember: I just gather together the information. The ratings vary from source to source...
Same as bootleg CD: Playing Free less Where is The Love,
Living Proof, Underground, Blowin' Free, Get Ready and The King Will Come.
The song "Lady Whiskey" is not on Playing Free.


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