Phoenix Over Bootleg - Tracks


Song From
 F*U*B*B Same as "Live In Tokyo".
 Recorded in Tokyo
 The Way of the World (Part 1)
 The Way of the World (Part 2)
 You See Red
 Jail Bait
 Blowin' Free
 The King Will Come???
   (guitar solo)???
 F*U*B*B Far East 10-Nov-76
 Blowin' Free
 The King Will Come  Redding Festival 24-Aug-75


Gypsy Eye / Gypsy Eye-029 / 1998

The first six songs were released in 1978 as a legitimate album released in 1978: Live in Tokyo, MCA VIM 6187. See "Unique material" section.
The latter songs are audience recordings. See known sources from the song list.

Andy Powell, Laurie Wisefield, Martin Turner and Steve Upton (as far as the sources are known).

None as yet.

All information courtesy of Tsutomu Kubota.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 1998