Marquee '73 Bootleg - Tracks


Song Source
 The King Will Come  Marquee Club 28-Dec-1973
 Ballad of the Beacon
 Throw Down the Sword
 Rock'n Roll Widow
 Jailbait Live From Memphis 10-Nov-76
 The Pilgrim


Gypsy Eye / Gypsy Eye-043 / 1998

The seven first songs are from a radio broadcasting (Marquee Club 1973).
The two last songs are originally from a promotion only E.P. "Live In Memphis" Recorded August 1972, Memphis Tennessee. Both songs now also appear on official releases.

Andy Powell, Ted Turner, Martin Turner and Steve Upton.

None as yet.

All information courtesy of Tsutomu Kubota.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Aug, 2004